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"This is the office of Ambassador Miles Naismith Vorkosigan. Leave me a message and I'll get right back with you.

Or, if this is an emergency, come bang on my door until I wake up."

He has helpfully provided an address in Nonah for a cozy office downtown. Go ahead, bang on the door; he's in the apartment just upstairs.
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[ Ring Ring, Ambassador! ]
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Ambassador? This is Senator Hundred. Do you have a moment?
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Oh, nothing too much. I know we haven't spoken much before, and that's my fault.

Have you...are you going to fanport, this year?
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[ A half-laugh. ] I understand that one. It's... it can be uncomfortable.

But I wanted to know if you would like to join in on a panel? I ran one last year, and I feel like it's always well received. Something with myself and all the ambassadors. To promote understanding and an opportunity to get some face time with us.
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[ A sad pause, then. ]

Did you not see? She's --

She's been ported out.
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Yeah, I know.

[ A sigh. ]

You... It's not much consolation, but you eventually get used to it. Being the only one left who remembers certain things.
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You learn to... accept that people may not always be there, and to value the time you have with them now.

[ That's...token words, really. Mitchell has lost too many people close to him, accepted loss as a fact of life, erected distance in his life long before he came here, or lost the people close to him. ]

Some people, myself included, find distance helps.
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Just like normally, anyone could die, or leave, at any time.

[ A pause. ]

Sometimes... that's the only way to keep going. At least without losing a part of yourself every time.
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Maybe. But you could prevent further damage, in the future.

I know it's...hard. It gets rough, losing people you care about.
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I care about all imports.

[ Nope. ]
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No. Not... for quite some time.
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Weren't we just talking about erecting distance?

[ It's said with a note of amusement, gentle teasing. ]

But, ah, I would like that. Sometime soon, I think?
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Then I'll make a point of stopping by. I'm sure I can find a reason, despite it not being a part of my usual circuit.
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I'm the Senator from Virginia, it's not really all that necessary for me to come to North Carolina.
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An import Senator for the State of Virginia. I'm happy to attend...import functions in other cities, or endorsement events, but... There's something to be said for not being so hammered down as the native citizens.

I don't like calling attention to how different I am to the other Senators.
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voice call;

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[ It's been a few days since they last spoke, but Yusuke isn't letting him off the hook. He has spent a week up and down Nonah, mostly ignoring the convention to scout for locations in peace. Somewhere for training grounds, somewhere for (light) criminal activity,  and perhaps most importantly, somewhere for a public art installation.

So, ring, ring! ]

Ambassador? This is Yusuke Kitagawa.
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I have a proposition for you, regarding a location for the mural. The south facing wall of the visitors' bureau downtown. It is frequented by new imPorts and tourists, and the square it is in sees heavy weekend traffic from locals.
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How long does something like that typically take?
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I expect you will send me an update, then?
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I want it to be about us, as imPorts. All of our diversity, our chaos, the beauty we have to add to this world, whether we intend to or not. Our humanity. I am not fond of the hero worship, I never have been. I only want to give people hope, not be fawned over.
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I have some, people and places I would like to include, mostly. How it all comes together will depend on the space. Would you like to see them?